Welcome to Better Burger

Better Burger, Westchester’s newest culinary gem, invites you to embark on a flavor-packed adventure. Our menu boasts mouthwatering chargrilled beef burgers, a farm-to-table burger blend, and irresistible smash chicken burgers. Vegetarians will delight in our cheese-stuffed and fried Portobello Burger, and you can customize your creation with free toppings or opt for gluten-free bun options and creamy guacamole. Explore crispy chicken wings, seasoned shoestring fries, delightful milkshakes, and Boozy Shakes for a refreshing, spirited twist. Better Burger: Where Flavor Meets Quality—experience it for yourself! Now open in Peekskill, NY

Not your average burger joint, Better.

Better Burger believes in the beauty of simplicity when it comes to crafting the ultimate burger experience. Our chargrilled beef burger epitomizes the essence of straightforward yet sensational flavors. For those seeking something extraordinary, our Farm to Table Burger is a hand-blend of 2/3 local sourced pasture-raised grass-fed beef and 1/3 heritage ground pork, a true testament to our commitment to premium ingredients. To make your burger truly yours, choose from a wide array of free toppings. Enhance your experience with options like a gluten-free bun or a scoop of guacamole. At Better Burger, every bite is a celebration of flavor and quality.

Just wing it, you can’t go wrong.

Savor our delicious Chicken Wings at Better Burger. Choose from classic crispy fried Wings dusted in gluten-free flour or grilled Murray’s Natural Wings. Enhance your wing experience with an array of mouthwatering glaze options, from the spicy Buffalo with Valentina hot sauce and Lanza Farms maple syrup to the aromatic Bougee with roasted tomato, garlic, truffle olive oil, basil, and parmesan. Explore the flavors and enjoy!

End on a Sweet Note with Better Sweets.

Explore our dessert options, including classic milkshakes with flavors like Vanilla and Prickly Pear, or opt for something different with our Andy’s Italian Ices NYC, available in various fruity choices. If you’re in the mood for a unique twist, give our Boozy Shakes a try, paring our milkshakes with flavored spirits for a decadent, spiked beverage. Sweeten your Better Burger experience with Better Sweets today!